CU-PPS Software

CU-PPS: Web-based post-processing software integrating activity-based travel demand models with EPA MOVES model for emissions inventory estimation (official software for NYMTC transportation conformity since 2013)

Post-processor software is routinely used by MPOs for estimating mobile-source emission inventory in conformity analysis.  In this study we develop a Post Processor Software (PPS) for MOVES, EPA’s newly released emission model. The most distinguished feature of the PPS includes its web-based software architecture and its full integration with a Database Management System (DBMS). The web-based architecture allows remote concurrent access to the same software from multiple users, increasing consistency and reducing client resource burden. The use of a DBMS facilitates effective scenario management, better programmability and relational-algebra-based computational optimization techniques. This computational efficiency consequently enables the software to provide a highly-resolved, link or Traffic-Analysis-Zone-level emission inventory to support visualization on GIS systems. The PPS software provides a powerful methodology for the problem of emission inventory post-processing and offers great insights for future development of post-processor software.