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Mahyar Amirgholy

Research: Dynamic modeling of macroscale transportation networks and network-wide design of sustainable transit systems in large urban regions.


Noam David

Research: Air quality monitoring using cellular microwave networks.


Shuai Pan

Research: Integrated infrastructure, air quality, and health systems modeling.


Hamid R. Sayarshad

Research: Demand analysis, freight transportation and logistics, multimodal networks, dynamic optimization models, machine learning, transport economics, and urban logistics.


Mohammad Tayarani

Research: Smart and Healthy Cities, Air quality and public health concerns, Impact of autonomous vehicles on traffic and travel demand, Integrated land use and travel demand modeling

M.S./Ph.D. Students

Faisal Akaabneh, Ph.D.

Systems Engineering
Minor: Operations Research;
Applied Economics.
Thesis: A systems approach to
carbon policy and food security
in agriculture systems planning
and food supply chain

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Leo He, Ph.D.

Transportation Systems Engineering
Minor: Entrepreneurship; Computer Science;
Operation Research; Public Health.


Graeme Troxell, Ph.D.

Systems Engineering
Minor: Philosophy;
Applied Economics
Thesis: Philosophy and ethics
in planning, engineering, and
managing cities and urban
infrastructure systems for


Yuechen (Sophia) Liu, Ph.D.

Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering


Ronan Keane, Ph.D.

Systems Engineering
Minor: Operations Research;
Applied Mathematics
Thesis: Applied mathematics
and data analytics for emerging
transportation systems


YiChieh Liu, M.S.

Transportation Systems Engineering
Thesis: Securitization for Infrastructure Financing: Models and Applications 

Past members

Post Docs

  • Jinhyok Heo
    Mar 2015—Jul. 2017
    Research: Public health impacts and accounting of PM2.5 pollution
  • Omid Rouhani
    Feb 2013—Dec. 2015
    Research: Social welfare analysis of alternative investment public-private partnership approaches
    Current employment: Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University
  • Yiannis Kamarianakis
    October 2008-August 2010
    Research: Nonlinear models for transient vehicular emissions prediction
    Current employment: Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University
  • Yilin Liu
    August 2008-August 2010
    Research: Longitudinal data analysis and modeling of vehicle emissions deterioration
    Current employment: Vice Present, Credit Card Information Management, China Minsheng Banking, Financial Services
  • Darrell Sonntag
    January 2010- August 2010
    Research: Air quality and energy impacts of NYSDOT highway ROW management
    Current employment: Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ), US EPA


  • Yan Deng
    M.S./PhD, entered fall 2013; Ph.D. graduated summer 2018. Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Operations Research.
    Thesis: Asset Investment and Portfolio Management of Sustainable Infrastructure Systems: Optimization and Real-Options Approaches
    Current employment: Putnam Investments
  • Zhen Tan
    Ph.D., entered fall 2013; graduated May. 2018.
    Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Applied Mathematics; Operations Research.
  • Bingyan (Brian) Huang
    M.S./PhD, entered fall 2011; Ph.D. graduated summer 2016. Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Computational Math; Operations Research.
    Thesis: A hierarchical multi-stakeholder principal-agent model for (anti-) corruption in public infrastructure procurement
    Current employment: China International Capital Corporation Limited
  • Xi (Alex) He
    Ph.D., entered fall 2011; graduated Jan. 2016.
    Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Applied Economics; Operations Research.
    Thesis: Bilateral interactions in two-sided networks—a perspective from matching theory
    Current employment: Credit Suisse
  • Xun (Richard) Wang
    M.S./Ph.D., entered fall 2008; Ph.D. graduated summer 2013.
    Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Statistics; Operations Research.
    Thesis: Bayesian ranking and selection models for discrete network design problems with uncertainties and multiple environmental objectives.
    Current employment: Quantitative Modeler, Sentrana (builds, develops, and maintains the underlying mathematical models which drive Sentrana’s Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud)
  • Timon Stasko
    M.S./Ph.D., entered spring 2007; graduated with Ph.D.summer 2011.
    US EPA STAR Fellow
    Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Environmental Economics; Systems Engineering.
    Thesis: Mathematical modeling for optimization in green fleet management.
    Current employment: Acting Manager, Operations Research at State of NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
  • Darrell Sonntag
    M.S./Ph.D., entered fall 2005; graduated with Ph.D. in 12/2009.
    Concentration: Transportation Systems Engineering; Minor: Statistics; Air Quality.
    Thesis: Statistical modeling of diesel PM number emissions.
    AAAS Fellow, General Engineer, Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ), EPA


  • Jingrong (Norah) Yu
    Graduated 12/2018
    Thesis: Considering Financial and Environmental Factors in Airport Efficiency Measurement: A Network DEA Analysis for U.S. Airports.
    Current employment: Amadeus IT Group
  • Qiaoyu (Evelyn) Yang
    Graduated 8/2018
    Thesis: Optimal Allocation Algorithm for Sequential Resource Allocation in the Context of  Food Banks Operation.
  • Lan Shi
    Graduated 8/2016
    Thesis: Speed control of oceon-going containerships considering vessel emissions reduction balanced with carrier cost minimization.
    Current employment: Environmental consulting
  • Jun (Eric) Wang
    Graduated summer 2016
    Thesis: Equity, Preference and Acceptance of the Car Ownership Policy in Guangzhou, China.
  • Zixu Zhou
    Graduated 12/2016
    Thesis: Congestion pricing and its impacts on transportation emissions in NYC
    Current employment: Cornell
  • Russel Winnas
    Graduated 8/2011
    Thesis: Air quality impact assessment of Diesel Engine Retrofitting and Replacement in New York State
    Current employment: Senior Engineer, AIR Worldwide
  • Rachel Klein
    Graduated 5/2008
    Thesis: Statistical modeling of equity and environmental justice in clean air school bus programs.
    Current employment: Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • Katabarwa Asaba
    Graduated 5/2008
    Thesis: Sustainable transportation in East Africa: accessibility to public transit in East African Cities.
    Current: Director — Road and Waterway Transport, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency.